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  1. Shop information

  2. Sake・Shochu

  3. Kappo・Kaiseki

  4. Sushi

  5. Udon

  6. Tempura

  7. Eel

  8. Soba

  9. Kanmi・Wagashi

  10. Sukiyaki

  11. Tofu cuisine

  12. Yakiniku

  13. Ramen

Find it, learn it and eat it in Japan.

Good restaurants where you can enjoy Japanese food.

There are numerous techniques and wisdom that have been handed down from a long time ago.
It is a special dish that can only be tasted in Japan using abundant ingredients of high freshness only in a specific season.
Japanese food, which can be regarded as our treasure, is literally Japanese culture.

  1. Kappo・Kaiseki

  2. Sake・Shochu

  3. Sushi

  4. Udon

  5. Tempura

  6. Tofu cuisine

  7. Soba

  8. Kanmi・Wagashi

We always post good information of Japanese food.

Japanese cuisine includes the food we usually eat, but in the narrow sense, it's based on the form of Shojin cuisine, etc.
And also traditional dishes such as Osechi, sweets in Hanami and Tsukimi, and pumpkins on the winter solstice.