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As a luxury stuff , also with meals.
The charm of Sake that can enjoy in various situations.

Sake that is loved as an adults’ favorite. There are many people who enjoy with essential food.
The world is full of all sorts of liquor. Its history is very old, and it is said that it was born back in the middle Jomon period in Japan.
The raw material is rice that is familiar to Japanese people, and it seems that it probably existed during the period when rice cultivation was transmitted to Japan.
In addition, what is said to be the origin of liquor is called “mouth bite liquor” using saliva that bites grains and the like in the mouth.

Sake is roughly divided into three categories: brewed sake, distilled sake and mixed sake, and many of Japan’s unique sakes are worthy of brewed and distilled liquor.
Furthermore, although Japanese sake is made from rice, it is also characterized by its appearance being completely different, such as clear and clean sake and irresistible white cloudy sake depending on how it is made.
In particular, Japanese sake has a heated sake. This way of drinking is very rare, and the heat brings out the distinctive smell of sake, which is characteristic of it.
Sake, which you can drink either heat or chill, will entertain us in a variety of situations.

Also, as mentioned at the beginning, it can be said that it is the feature of sake to taste and enjoy with food.
Furthermore, food and sake are mutually compatible with each other, as there is also sake as cooking seasoning, such as cooking sake and mirin, and they are very close to each other.
The general recommendation is to change the alcohol content as the cooking progresses.
It is decided to change depending on the scene, such as combining cold sake and hot sake with the food.
However, these are all theories, and they are completely different depending on the person.
Would you like to try a drink that suits you, regardless of your surroundings and your preconceptions?