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The delicate sensibility of Japanese people is reflected not only in Japanese food culture.
The choice of which dishes to serve on is a very important part of Japanese cuisine.
Even if the dish is the same, the color and shape are different, such as those with a classical Japanese pattern
and those with a craftsman’s beautiful design, etc. You can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere by changing the dishes.

In addition, traditional Japanese food is arranged to look attractive from all angles.
There are various types of serving, such as filling, pouring, radiating and scattering, etc.
In Japanese cuisine, the concept of serving is “look delicious”.
Cooks are required to have a high skill, as the serving is considered to be a part of the dish.
Five colors consisting of green, yellow, red, white, and brown are considered to be the basic color combinations for serving. It is also important to entertain the customer with bright colors that are not sober.

In order to make such arrangements, you need to know about the ingredients and areas of production.
It is also necessary to study how to hold, sharpen, and use a kitchen knife.
In Japan, which changes in various seasons,
the ingredients that taste the best is also changes every month, so it is difficult to identify that.
And need to learn how should the ingredients be cooked, how to use the seasoning, etc.
You may find another point of view if you go about your daily life after knowing such Japanese feelings.