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People’s eating habits have gradually been changed.
Originally in Japan, which is an island country, food was made and eaten with ingredients originally in Japan.
But due to exchanges with foreign countries, the culture is changing little by little.
A style of the current Japanese cuisine is a mix of food culture.
In particular, “meal” is difficult to precise in its definition,
and foreign items are arranged and eaten as Japanese ones.
There are many food that have been established as Japanese food.

However, even if you are using a foreign ingredient, that is not a big problem.
There are so many delicious things in the Japanese-style food.
If Japan is not particular to original ingredient, the food avility will expand.
For example, the main ingredients used in Japanese cuisine, at the beginning were Katsuobushi and Konbu dashi, etc.
Nowadays there are also a lot of soups that are derived from animal bones and meat.
Originally Japan is an island country, it is said that due to the influence of religions such as Buddhism, there were not habits of eating meat. The food culture has evolved quite flexibly.

It is said that seaweed etc, which are now generally eaten and often lined up at the dining table,
were treated as weird food at first.
After a long period of time, it was gradually eaten by various seasonings and cooking.
Such inquiring mind for the taste of Japan is still continuing.
Therefore, Japanese eating habits have been variously evolved.
By using flexible ideas and the latest technology, we keep making a wide variety of cuisine.