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The essence of Japanese cuisine
How to bring out the flavor of the ingredients.

The various food ingredients contain sweetness and flavor that are said to be the taste of the ingredients.
In recent days, I think you will often see phrases such as “chemical-free” and “organic cultivation”.
There is a section that emphasizes and cherishes Japanese people in particular.
Of course, depending on the person, they prefer the seasoning to be light and the seasoning to be strong.
Before that, there are many who think that “seasoning is important but there is no meaning unless the original taste and smell of the food can be found”.
The naive taste, which never changes from time to time, is something nostalgic and makes people feel relieved.

Not only Japanese food, it is said that there are two ways to make food good.
One is “Additional cooking”, adding umami to the ingredients,
The other is “Subtractive cooking” that brings out the taste of the ingredients itself and cuts off other unpleasant tastes.
Japanese food is rather “subtractive food”,The emphasis is placed on removing unpleasant astes.
Vegetables are exposed to water in order to remove the unpleasant taste of them.
If they are exposed to water, the original flavor of the ingredients will be little lost, but instead it can bring out its taste.That is the essence of Japanese cuisine.

Japanese cuisine is said to be one of the “three of the world’s top dishes” along with French and Chinese cuisine,Its greatest attraction is that it is blessed with natural ingredients.
For example, Japan takes advantage of the island country, and seafood is often delicious and fresh.
Also, dishes that make the most of their flavor are “sashimi” and “Otsukuri”,
It can be said that this is the ultimate “cooking to enjoy the original flavor of the ingredients”.
There are not many countries that have a habit of eating raw things other than Japan, but that is why Japanese food is a dish that is easier to convey the essence of the ingredients.