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Enjoy Sake in various scenes,
from luxury item to accompaniment for meal.

Sake is loved as an adult’s favorite.
The world is full of all kinds of liquor, but the history is very old.
Of course the main ingredient of Sake is rice, which is familiar to Japanese people.
Sake is supposed to existed at the time rice cultivation was started in Japan.

Sake is roughly divided into three categories: brewed liquor, distilled liquor and mixed liquor.
Many of Japan’s unique liquors are the brewed liquors and distilled liquors.
Furthermore, although Japanese sake uses rice as a main ingredient, depending on how it is made, the appearance is completely different.In particular, Japanese sake has a warmed style.
This way of drinking is very rare, and the warm brings out the distinctive smell of sake.
Sake, which you can drink either warm or chill, will entertain us in a variety of situations.

Also, we enjoy sake with food.
And cooking and sake are compatible with each other, as there is also sake as cooking seasoning, such as cooking sake and mirin.
The general recommendation is to change the percentage of alcohol according to the progress of the dish, or taste cold sake and warm sake with the dish. Change Sake depending on the scene.
However, these are just by the book and completely different depending on people’s favorite flavors.
Try a Sake that suits you, regardless of your surroundings and your preconceptions.